Math, Science, & Engineering Program

The MSE Mission Statement

The MSE Program strives to meet the needs of highly talented students wishing to pursue an accelerated curriculum with emphasis on mathematics, science, and engineering.

About the MSE Program

The academic background provided will allow MSE graduates to be highly competitive in colleges and universities recognized as exemplary in the fields of mathematics, engineering, medicine, oceanography, physics, chemistry, biomedicine and aeronautics.  MSE graduates typically earn a minimum of one to two years of college credit.

The MSE pathway includes MYP Precalculus Honors, Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, Calculus II & III, and Differential Equations and Linear Algebra the latter four being dual-enrollment courses earning both high school and college credit.  The MSE science pathway includes AP Physics I & II and AP Physics C.  Students participate in scientific research and take introductory courses in mechanical, civil and electrical engineering.

Approximately half of MSE graduates go into a career in engineering, while others go on to study subjects such as medicine, architecture, biomedicine, astronomy, and the humanities.
  They are successful because they’ve become extremely proficient in conceptual as well as mathematical analysis.

Prospective MSE students and their parents should carefully examine the program’s four-year plan prior to applying as the curriculum is one of the nation’s most academically rigorous and demands a high level of dedication and commitment.
Please Note:  Program classes are subject to change as needed.