Computer Science Program

The CS Mission Statement

The Computer Science (CS) Program is designed to meet the needs of highly talented and motivated students who wish to major in one of the various fields within the computer science industry.  Curriculum provides college-bound students with rigorous learning opportunities in an environment rich in quality of instruction, hands-on experiences, and course offerings.  Students acquire a well-rounded foundation in the basic aspects of computing to include but not be limited to programming, database programming, and algorithmic design, as well as the mathematics and science that underlie the discipline.

About the CS Program

The CS program includes courses requiring a broad spectrum of skills and abilities including problem solving and communication, logical thinking, object-oriented design, database programming, and digital interaction.  Students practice their skills independently as well as in a collaborative, team-oriented manner that embraces the multidisciplinary and multicultural environment of today's world.  Throughout, students are encouraged to be responsible members of society who understand the ethical, social, and economic impact of computer science in a global context.
CS upperclassmen expand their technological knowledge skills by using an industry standard design model to fully develop a comprehensive programming project.  Through this project, students learn to set goals and meet deadlines, explore and further develop their programming abilities, work collaboratively with peers, and finally, present their work to a panel of industry professionals who provide the students with guidance and feedback.

CS students have the opportunity to earn Career Technology Education (CTE) certifications in many areas including AutoCAD, MTA Software Development, MTA Database Fundamentals, CIW Database Design Specialist, and CIW Site Development Associate. 

Prospective CS students and their parents should carefully examine the program’s four-year plan prior to applying as the curriculum is academically rigorous and demands a high level of dedication and commitment.
Please Note:  Program classes are subject to change as needed.