National Honor Society

For Existing Members Only:

Overview of Membership in National Honor Society:

Students in NHS have been recognized as having success in the realms of Scholarship, Leadership, Community Service, and Character. “The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character.” The expectation of the Suncoast Chapter of NHS is that the students are an example of each of these characteristics at the highest standard. Students lead the rest of the student body by example in each of these areas of student life. The expectation of each member in good standing is to supersede the minimum standards of each characteristic by being the best at each one.

To be successful as an Honor Society chapter member, students need to know how to handle many types of situations. Students must be mature, organized, have sound judgment, and have the ability to work with many different kinds of people and personalities. Members need to listen and carefully convey the ideas and wishes of their peers in the chapter and be a committed participant in chapter activities and responsibilities. Members are expected to exhibit, support, and promote constructive student behavior and activities and to serve as role models for their peers. Participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the student body and to the community.

All official communication from NHS to its members will be through school email accounts and Google classroom. Committees will communicate via Remind or through social media. Remember that communication is between the member and the advisor/officer/committee chair not a parent of said member. Membership in the SHS Chapter of NHS is a privilege, not an entitlement, this is an optional student organization.

Checklist of Membership:

- No referrals
- No breach of integrity
-15 hours of service a semester
- 7 NHS hours per semester
- 8 off campus hours per semester
- Pay dues $20 - late fee if not paid before September meeting
- Attendance and participation in Fall Festival - 3 hours minimum
- Attendance and participation in Spring Dance Marathon - 6 hours minimum
- Support and attendance of meetings
- Can only miss two meetings a semester
- Actively participate on a committee of choice
- Be on time with all communication and service
- Spring participation in induction ceremony and elections of officers
- Maintain 4.125 HPA
- Have academic integrity at all times.
Explanation of Membership
General Requirements:
Members of the Suncoast Chapter of NHS are subject to the standards and conduct embodied in the following:
- State, federal, civil, and criminal laws;
- Palm Beach County Student Conduct Code and other applicable student
conduct policies as indicated in the handbook;
- The Suncoast High School Chapter NHS Constitution, Bylaws and this Code of
Character requires Members to:
1. Always do the right thing.
2. Follow a moral compass and have principles in the classroom, at school, off campus and on social media.
3. Genuinely have respect for all people; regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation.
4. Engage in civic responsibility when wrong is witnessed; being a bystander is not acceptable, stop wrongdoing if and when you see it.
5. Manifest truthfulness in acknowledging obedience of rules, refuse to cheat, and show an unwillingness to profit by the mistakes of others.
6. Take the obligations of membership seriously and be a model student as a representative of Suncoast High School and the National Honor Society.
7. Bring to the attention of the adviser, members who are not upholding the Suncoast Standards set by this document.
Community Service requirements of Membership:
1. Earn 7 on campus NHS service hours a semester.
2. Earn 8 off campus service hours a semester.
3. Take pictures of you serving at your event and put them in your service log during meetings.
4. Participate in the Fall Festival @ Bethune(10/25) and Spring (Dance Marathon) service projects identified by the Chapter as NHS sponsored service projects.
5. Be dependable and work well with others and support each other in service.
6. Members of the Honor Society are to use their talents to help the community in a spirit of volunteerism.
Leadership requirements of Membership:
1. Participate and promote school sponsored activities.
2. Maintain a positive attitude about Suncoast High School and our community.
3. Participate in activities that show your talents in the classroom.
4. Successfully hold school offices or positions of responsibility within clubs on/off campus.
5. Support and promote all NHS functions.
-Be mindful of all deadlines
-Be aware of all digital communications using your school email, Remind and Google
-Don't just be at events to get the attendance requirement, fully engage and participate in
all events.
-Be enthusiastic about all events, even if your committee was not involved
Scholarship requirements of Membership:
1. Maintain a 4.125 weighted HPA through graduation.
2. Model support and goodwill in every class towards your classmates.
3. Foster an atmosphere of true learning and be reliable according to your teachers.
4. Don't cave in to peer pressure to give or receive answers in a manner that would be deemed as an unfair advantage over any other classmate.
5. Have academic integrity at all times.

Checklist of to become a Member:

- Character
- No referrals
- 2 stellar teacher recommendations
- No breach of integrity in any classroom
- No 1 or 2 marks in conduct on report cards
Community Service & Participation on campus
- Active member of clubs on campus, including Charger Pride, SGA, BSU, etc.
- 75 hours of community service - keep digital copy of VPS hours
- Please have on, as well as, off campus activities
Leadership & Citizenship
- Leadership positions within clubs on or off campus
- Does not need to be elected positions
- Where have you taken charge of a situation in front of an adult?
- Be on time with communication, application and service.
- Serve in the community by planning community service
ie. Girl/Boy Scouts, religious organizations, clubs sponsored outside the school, community art endeavors, recreational or travel sports
- Maintain 4.125 HPA
- Have academic integrity at all times

Explanation to become a member of NHS:

To be eligible for active membership in SHS Chapter National Honor Society a student must
1. Demonstrate a history of:
a. Scholarship which includes cumulative GPA criteria for admission by grade level:
i. Sophomore candidates weighted cumulative HPA of at least 4.125
ii. Junior candidates weighted cumulative HPA of at least 4.125
iii. Seniors are not eligible in the final year at Suncoast High School.
b. Service to school and community of at least 75 hours
c. Leadership in school and community - but not necessarily elected positions
d. Exemplarity character and citizenship
e. Receive at least outstanding faculty recommendations
f. Have no discipline infractions or referrals on school record
2. Be on track to follow the four year plan for their program of study with the suggested course of study which reflects entrance requirements and recommendations for admission to major colleges and universities in the State of Florida.
3. Have a desire to maintain and expand a high level of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

Section 2: Candidates will apply for membership via digital application. The membership application will be reviewed by a faculty committee as outlined in the NHS constitution. The faculty committee will then recommend to the adviser those candidates who meet the high standards of the NHS for tapping into the organization.

Section 3: The SHS Chapter will follow the selection guidelines for membership as stated in the National Constitution except for the minimum weighted HPA must be a 4.125 or higher.

Section 4: Membership in the SHS Chapter of NHS is a privilege, not an entitlement. The membership selection process acknowledges not only high academic standards of coursework and GPA but also service, leadership, character and citizenship. A fair and equitable evaluation of all candidates will be conducted by the SHS faculty committee and only those candidates who meet the highest standards will be inducted into membership.

Section 5: All candidates for membership who submit a completed application will be given digital notice of their membership status at the conclusion of the evaluation process. Late or incomplete complete membership applications will be rejected without committee review. All communication from NHS to its members will be through school email accounts, remind and Google classroom. Late or incomplete acceptance to NHS will revoke invitation for induction status.

Section 6: Students invited, but not inducted, into the SHS Chapter of NHS following the first semester, may apply again in the next year’s cycle if they meet the membership application criteria.

Section 7: The selection of each member to the chapter will be by unanimous vote of the faculty committee. The decision of this committee is final.
Students will be notified via school email of their acceptance into NHS.
Students will be required to digitally accept membership and RSVP for the induction ceremony by the published date or forfeit eligibility.
Students will pay the induction fee before the induction date or forfeit eligibility.

How to fill out application:
Complete ALL parts of the information form. 
Any parts left blank, without valid information, or labeled N/A will result in denial of membership. 
Do not be modest. The application is the major component of the selection process. 
Be clear and detailed in your responses. 
Please prioritize your activities, listing those to which you had the greatest commitment first. 
Avoid repeating your involvement in organizations/activities in more than one part of the application form.  
If you repeat, you are wrong and will not be chosen for membership.
Do NOT be vague.  
This information form requests the name of an adult sponsor who can verify your involvement in the activities listed. You MUST include the adult sponsor’s name and contact information (e-mail or phone number). Without this information, you will NOT be selected. 
•       Remember, you are at Suncoast High School, what makes you rise to be considered one of the best of the best in Palm Beach County?  How are you unique and involved?  This is your chance to prove you deserve membership.

You will be notified of your acceptance to the club no later than 2/19/2020 via school email with an RSVP to the induction ceremony to be completed along with the $27.50 induction fee paid before 3/5/2020.

Once you RSVP to accept your position, you are committing to attend and raise money for the Dance Marathon on 3/6/2020.  You must have your fundraising page up and running with 50$ raised by 1/21/2020.  

Details of the induction ceremony will be discussed after the Selection Committee reaches its decision, but save the date: Wednesday 3/11/2020.